Friday, 27 July 2007


I awoke in a tangle of arms and legs.

My head ached, my body ached ... yet I felt satisfied and very much alive.

I untangled myself from the two men I was entwined between and padded, naked, to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, alka seltzer and put on the coffee.

The living room had that 'morning after' smell ... booze and bodies ... not unpleasant but I went to the window and opened it up to let some fresh air in.

Fortunately I had wrapped the curtain around myself before doing so ... years of being tabloid fodder had trained me to do so ... as a lone pap sprang out from behind a tree on the other side of the road, his camera flashing away at me as he did so.

I stuck out my tongue before stepping back from his view and continuing to the kitchen ... my mouth was still dry and my head was pulsing somewhat.

I plugged in the coffee machine whilst I sipped at my alka seltzer ... a smile on my face ... god I wasn't exactly Snow White playing happy families but I did like to do things my way and if that meant one me and two men every now and again ... then c'est la vie!

I was pouring myself a coffee when Millie scurried in, a duvet pulled around her.

'Morning!' my voice was cheery and light ... I knew that Millie would be suffering from post coital guilt so thought it best to try and lighten her mood from the offset.

'ooooohhhh!' was all she could say.

Sit down and I'll pour you a coffee.

She did as instructed and I placed it down in front of her.

'ooohhhh Amanda, what have a done!'

'You've got over a cheating bastard and had got yourself a little fun in the process', I replied before going back to my bedroom to get my silk dressing gown ... I was still naked after all!

Monday, 23 July 2007


What a night!

A blur of fast music, cold alcohol and hot men!

Millie and I stayed for a few hours longer, drinking, laughing and dancing ... growing wilder and drunker by the minute!

I found myself nestled between Z and Lucifer and must admit that I was enjoying it. Millie, on the other hand had thrown all thoughts of Marcus to one side and was loving every minute of Hans' hands!

In a whirlwind of motion and lust I found myself in the back of the Amanda, Oh! limosine, speeding my way back to my apartment with Z and Lucifer. Millie and Hans were getting intimate on the backseat, I was getting very intimate on the floor. Poor old Josh had only his mobile to get intimate with!

We got back to my place and the two men carried me up to my apartment, we were all crazy with lust ... none of us could get enough!

I seem to remember Tomas meeting us, a crude smile on his face, as he opened up and we all entered.

Within moments the three of us where on my double bed, naked and drunk .....

Girls I can assure you that in some circumstances two heads are better than one!

Friday, 20 July 2007


I can honestly say that in all of the years that Millie and I have been close friends that I have never seen her in such a state of mind.

She waltzed back to the bar and nestled herself onto the lap of Hans.

'Vodka shot please', she purred as Hans grinned back at her ... I could see that he was more than happy to have Millie, previously so quiet and demure, now all vampish and full on sitting on his lap.

'Vodka shots all round!' The waiter nodded his approval and disappeared returning with shot glasses in ice and a frozen bottle of Belvedere.

'Let's have a party!' I cried and lined the glasses up before pouring the clear, ice cold liquid into each one.

'Your in a rock band', I said to Z, 'I hear rock bands like to party too.'

He smiled back at me before squeezing my butt. His hands were strong and firm, I liked it.

'Oh we know how to party .... ' he replied and with that he lifted the Belvedere to his lips and chucked the last quarter of it down his throat in one.

'Well that means we are in for a good night then' I leant forward and we kissed, vodka running down our chins as we came together.

Friday, 13 July 2007


I put my arms around Millie as she sobbed away ... almost uncontrollably!

He was so perfect for me ... he knew all of those things about me ... he told me that he was the one for me, that he was the one who knew about our powers ... he told me that he was mine forever!

Her tears rolled down her cheeks, her body was shook with the full force of her emotion.

'Maybe it was a misunderstanding ... a mistake?' Marcus seemed like a really decent sort to me ... I was confused, yet I had been known to be wrong about the opposite sex on a few occasions!

'Talk me through what he said, let's see if we can work this out.'

I rubbed her back and as she thought about what I was saying she gradually calmed down.

'well I rang his mobile and she answered',

'How did you know it was his wife?'

'She answered the phone and said Hello, Mrs. Etterton speaking ... can I help you.'

'How do you know she was telling the truth.'

'Marcus took the phone from her ... he confirmed it'

'Did you give him chance to explain?'

'He didn't need to, he told me they were in a hotel room together ... he never told me he was married ... he's a liar ... he's a lying bastard!'

'Something doesn't add up her, let me call him, I want to hear what he has to say.'

'You can't, his number was in the phone, it's broken .. I broke it.'

I picked up the smashed cellular and looked at it, I pressed the power buttons it had had it.

'i can't call him till tomorrow, even if I wanted too.'

Millie had stopped crying and a different look had appeared on her face, one of defiance.

'I want to get drunk with some rock stars'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes', she replied ... ' as drunk as I've ever been!' She dropped the photos of Marcus in the feminine hygiene bin and we went back to the bar.


We made our way into the Ladies, Millie thrusting me another of Marcus' modelling photos as we went in.

'He's just sooo yummy, sooo gorgeous, sooo great in bed.'

I smiled ... Millie was such a sweetie, it was great to see her so happy. it has to be said that her love life to date hasn't exactly been smooth.

There was the man at work .... lying, cheating pig who stole her ideas and got promoted.

There was the guy at the bowling alley ... possessive and drunk ... not a good combination.

There was the guy next door .... did whatever Mummy wanted him to.

There was the guy at the nightclub ... wanted Millie to try it out with his girlfriend first.

There was the army guy ... he really wanted to get it on with another army guy.

Now, if this was my history then so be it ... I don't really care ... i like to be in the driving seat and have been since Emmanuel died. Not quite a Samantha out of SATC but i like to play the game my way!

I popped into the cubicle as Millie dialled Marcus on her mobile.

I could hear her voice, quiet at first and then shouting.

'Who is she ... your wife!!! ... you bastard!'

I heard the phone smash against the wall and Millie burst into tears ...oh no ... should I add to the list:-

There was the movie man ... already married!


We were having a great time ... the six of us were getting deliciously drunk when Millie leaned over to me ... got to call Marcus ... she slurred.

'Ok ... shall we go to the ladies?' I knew it would be nice and quiet in there ... Millie would get a few peaceful minutes of chat with her fella.

'I do love Marcus you know ...'

'I know', I replied before standing and helping her up from her seat.

'Nature call's boys!' I said to the band.

'Well don't be too long beautiful', came Z's reply ... 'we're all getting pretty rowdy around here and need some lovely ladies to make sure we don't fall into mischief!'

'We won't be long but I certainly can promise you that there's no way I'm gonna keep you out of mischief!' I replied.

I heard the boys cheer as we left them.

'i do love my marcus you know', Millie had got to the stage of being drunk that she was in 'stuck record mode' ... here look at this... she fished a picture from her pocket and waved it in front of me. It was a picture of Marcus that had been taken a few years ago when he had been a male model ... i had to admit that he looked hot.

'Very nice', I said ... now come on ... let's get into the loos so you can call him (and so that i can back to my rockers, I thought!)


Five minutes later Millie and I were sitting at our table with the men (and I mean men as opposed to boys in boy bands!) of the Rock Band - Sins of Angels.

The main man was 'Z' - hard, mean and moody ... he had the looks that meant business, tattooed and pierced he was the architypal rock band front man. His clothes looked like he had slept in them but the fact that they also appeared to be one size too small gave the impression that his muscular frame was bursting out from them. If ever a man sympolised masculine sexuality then it was 'Z'.

I couldn't help but notice that Millie was all giggly in the presence of Hans. The bass player of the band literally was a man moutain. He was absolutely huge ... must be nearly seven foot ... not only that bu everything about him seemed huge too. From his dreamy blue eyes to his massive grin. The fact that I knew he had his own range of dildos modelled on his own appendage underlined the fact that he was big, big, big!

Lucifer, the drummer, was someone who I had met previously. A couple of years ago I had been to one of the all-nighters he'd organised as a DJ in Ibiza when he was known as DJ Lucifer. It had been wild ... he was brilliant at getting the crowd going and keeping them at it all night. Not only that but he had performed wearing only a pair of surfer pants ... the girls ... and plenty of the boys ... in the crowd would have done anything to get his attention ... and I mean anything!

Finally, there was the lead guitarist Josh-Li. He was probably the quietest ... but that's not saying much. I could tell by his demeanour that rock and roll was his life and playing his guitar meant everything. I was sure that there was nothing he wouldn't have enjoyed more than to be receiving a bit of oral attention whilst he thrashed out a guitar solo!

the champagne was in full flow and I called out for more ... the night was but young and we had just begun!